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Reduce Hassle of Plastic Sheeting with the Paving Stone Plate Compactor

The paving stone plate compactor features rubber-coated rollers for efficient results. Unlike before, there’s no need to paste bolt-on plastic or polyurethane sheets to the bottom of the plates. This means you can avoid the hassle of having to adjust the plastic base whenever you make a turn. The high-grade rubber rollers are very tough and immune to chipping even in the most rigorous of projects.

The anti-vibration handles allow for smooth compression and reduce injuries. Improper compaction will increase the costs later due to repairs and damages. This paver, is a must-have for all hardscaping contractors as it makes laying down of the bricks or tiles a breeze without the worry of broken or cracked bricks or tiles.

Our paver compactor doesn’t need a thick manual to operate. The engine is cranked up and then you move the heavy plates to where you want the area compacted. The paver compactor is powered by a dependable Honda GX160 engine.

EVPC120H - vibratory paver compactor

vibratory paver compactor
  • Honda GX160, a proven, dependable power source
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Lifting handles
  • Folding handle for transport and storage convenience. The handle then acts as engine protection during transport. An integral lifting bail offers a secure lifting point.
  • Rubber coated rollers protect the pavers. Smooth travel over the pavers without chipping the corners and scuffing the paver surface
  • Durable rack and pinion throttle lever. Very smooth operation and stay-in-place settings. This lever is repairable thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Now a vibratory plate dedicated to compacting paving stones. Previously if you wanted to compact paving stones you had to use a bolt-on sheet of plastic to cover the bottom of your standard vibratory plate. However when you have large areas of pavers to be laid this system did not work well as the plastic plate attachment slowed down the plate and made turning less than convenient as the plastic attachment tended to roll or shift. Now with the EVPC120H these problems are eliminated. The EVPC has rubber-coated rollers which allow the plate to move quickly and efficiently over the pavers. The protected rollers will not chip or mark the pavers and the rollers allow for easy and smooth maneuvering over the pavers.


DIMENSION (LxWxH) - in (mm) 26.2 x 26.4 x 47.2 (665 x 670 x 1200)
OPERATING WEIGHT - lbs (kg) 271 (123)
PLATE SIZE (LxW) - in (mm) 25.8 x 24.4 (655 x 620)
VIBRATION FREQUENCY v.p.m. (Hz) 5,640 (94)
CENTRIFUGAL FORCE lbs (kg) 2,315 (1,050)
COMPACTED AREA - ft²/h (m²/h) 6,458 - 7,534 (600 – 700)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY-gal (ltr) 0.8 (3.1)
RUNNING TIME - hours 1.7
Max. Power Output kW (Hp) 4.8 (3.6)

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